Small Acts of Service You Can Provide For Your Loved One As They Relocate

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Small Acts of Service You Can Provide For Your Loved One As They Relocate

Let's face it: moving is stressful.

When it comes to helping your loved ones move, the process can become even more stressful. Whether it's your parents, grandparents, or other loved ones in need of assistance with moving to a new home, there is a lot on your plate to consider.

Your loved ones will likely need assistance packing, organizing, and sorting through their belongings, all before they can relocate to their new living space. That is all piled on top of the work of preparing the new space for move-in, as well as unpacking and settling your loved ones into their new home after they get there.

While it may seem impossible for you to carry out this process all on your own, there are a variety of resources available to help take some of the heavy lifting off your shoulders.

Rather than taking on all the work, take a backseat to the process, while supporting your loved one's move in a different way. Below we've listed a few ways you can provide acts of service to your loved ones while they relocate to a new living space, all while maintaining your sanity and saving time.

Utilize Professional Move-Management

Beyond simply hiring a moving company to carry boxes from point A to point B as your main moving resource, consider other services which provide compassionate assistance to your loved ones who may be struggling throughout the moving process. From helping to downsize belongings that are no longer needed, to organizing belongings for a smoother unpacking process, hiring a service like this will show your loved ones that you truly care about their happiness, even if you don't have the time to do things for them yourself.

Utilizing outside resources that can help your family members get organized for their move in a way that does not rush them, nor diminish the meaning and memories associated with their belongings makes the process feel more dignified and respectful. In situations where you may not be able to take time to manage your loved one's belongings, you can still feel assured that they are being cared for just as well as you would yourself.

Deliver A Helping Hand

It's likely that when your loved ones finally get into their new living arrangement, they may not have the ability to run errands to pick their everyday essentials, like staple grocery items and cleaning supplies. Whether they just don't have the time, or they physically struggle to get around on their own, you or your loved ones can shop for household supplies online and then have those items delivered right to their home. This allows your family members to clean their new space, making it perfectly move-in ready, and will help make a stressful process that much easier.

This simple act of service demonstrates that you love and care about them, and you are willing to help them get all of the essentials they need to feel at-home in their new place.

Check-In Regularly

Depending on how close you and your loved one are and how often you like to see one another, arrange video calls or in-person visits to your family member to ensure that they are feeling happy and healthy in their new home. Calling via video is a great way to get face to face interaction with a loved one, while still maintaining distance during the pandemic for the sake of their health. Video calling also is a great way to check in more often if you don't live physically close to your family member, or don't have the time it takes to pay a visit in-person.

Stopping over daily, weekly, or monthly (or whatever routine suits both parties best) can ensure that your family members are satisfied with their new living arrangements. You may find that you are able to help with small home repairs, run errands, or simply just stay for a chat when you regularly check in. This simple act doesn't cost much, and can strengthen the bond between you and your newly relocated loved ones.

Helping someone close to you move into a new home is a lot to take on. When it feels like it is more than you are capable of doing on your own, look to external resources to make the process easier for both of you. Sometimes, the best thing you can do to help someone through a difficult time is to give them space and show them that you love and care for them through acts of service.

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