Make Your Living Room Come Alive with These Finds

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What makes a home your own, is the personality that comes through in the decorative details. The charm in purchasing repurposed/preloved (pre-owned) is in more than just the price tag. Character and a one-of-a-kind look come along with it. 

Whether your budget is large or small, estate sales and online auctions are a great way to find unique statement pieces to bring the room to life. We put together a list of items you should almost always buy pre-owned for the living room or den.

Coffee Tables

Older coffee tables are often made of heavier materials or have unique period-specific details that serve up a side of style. Look for solid wood finds.

Side and End Tables

Often not the first thing we think of when decorating, side or end tables can help pull a room together. Again, look for solid wood pieces, as well as glass or metal tables and pay attention to what resales well


Online auctions offer a wide variety of options for conservative to eclectic art tastes. Look for what will compliment your décor and add character.


Vintage suitcases and trunks can work as a decorative conversation piece, storage or furniture with a bit of DIY magic. Find the piece that tells a story your décor can connect to.


This wonderful piece of furniture has endless repurposing possibilities. Look for solid wood designs and minimum wear and tear to the bureau’s hardware.

Shelving Units

Add a touch of creativity or coziness to your space with a repurposed bookcase or shelving unit. Creative ideas like a bar table or storage bench are sure to be an excellent conversation starter. Look for solid wood or metal shelves.


Rugs can tie a design theme together seamlessly. When shopping for a preowned rug, look for high-quality fibers free of stains, discoloration, or water damage.

Lighting Fixtures

Many compare light fixtures to a great accessory item that changes the look of an outfit. Pre-owned lighting fixtures not only save you money, they can add a one-of-a-kind touch to the way a room is decorated. Be sure to find out about the wiring of the fixture, bulb size and wattage before making the purchase.


Find a great mirror to open up your living room space and create warmth. Look for scratches, marks, and glass imperfections on the mirror.


This category of decorative furniture is meant to give rooms both extra storage utility and style. Look for solid wood, metal, or mirrored pieces.

Conversation Pieces

Find great coffee table books, vintage typewriters, or small decorative statues that bring character and enhances the narrative of your home. The best advice here is to look for items that speak for your personality and meld well with the room’s design.

Remember, the living room is a guest’s introduction to your home in most cases. It tells a story of who lives there, and the moments shared in that space. If you choose furniture and décor that compliments your home, you’ll have great success incorporating some of these pre-loved items into your design scheme.




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