Maintaining the Man Cave

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Everyone needs a place to just get away and make their own. One of the most popular places men create is the man cave. A man cave can be an office, a den, a garage or any other space from a stylish basement bar or lounge to a gamer’s paradise. According to, “the average cost of a man cave is somewhere in the $5,000 to $10,000 range.” This article has a few ideas to make your man cave space perfect with a sensible budget, by purchasing pre-owned.

Cars – What garage themed man cave is complete without a car? Whether you’re in the market for a fixer-upper project or collecting classic cars, there are tons of great finds available on online auctions.

Tools – Great tools are a necessity in or out of a man cave. For a tool shed or tool themed garage they are especially important and the backbone of creating that space. Tools can certainly become expensive so here are a few things to look for at estate sales and online auctions to save your budget.

o   Hand Tools – Pay attention to the way the tools look. In a recent article, Contributing Writer Sean Flynn suggests “If it looks good, it probably is good… Check the tool's working surfaces: Surfaces that are supposed to be smooth should actually be smooth, and parts that are supposed to move should do so freely, evenly, and precisely. If it feels wrong, it probably is wrong.”

o   Power Tools – It’s best to verify that the power tools are in good working order before making the purchase at an estate sale or online auction. Look out for signs of wear and tear on cords and plugs.

o   Steel Hand Tools – Look for big brands known for their utility when shopping for pre-owned hand tools. Larger brands often have long-lasting or lifetime warranties that can be transferred to new owners.

o   Outdoor Power Equipment – Items like snow blowers, mowers, etc. are best found like new. Research the features of the equipment you want to purchase and test it or verify those features are still fully functioning.

TVs – If you are looking to purchase a pre-owned TV, look for items that are open box yet still relatively new. If possible be sure the item is in great working condition or still has time left on the warranty.

Furniture – When purchasing used furniture for your man cave look for items free of water damage, bug infestation, pet stains, odors, or damage. Consider seeking out furniture made of metal, leather or solid wood and remember to go for comfort or an attainable project starter.

Sports Memorabilia and Equipment – For the ultimate sports fan, a sports-themed man cave can really come to life with the right memorabilia and equipment. Online Auctions are great places to find pieces that capture your favorite sports moments and can work well for decorating the man cave.

These simple ideas can get you on your way to your next man cave project. Creating a space of your own without breaking the bank allows you room to constantly make improvements and upgrade your space.


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